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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  February 5, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> lisa: fans rushed the second street gate and tried to force their way in. many admit they felt shut out. >> after driving down here from sacramento, waiting in line to pay for my parking, waiting for the traffic, waiting to get here, painting my body orange and black, this is how i get repaid. >> they should have probably planned a lot more. >> lisa: organize ares say they got overwhelmed. they expected to fill the stadium. they didn't think it would happen an hour after the gates opened. >> we held people at the gates and we're metering people to come in to make sure everybody is safe. >> lisa: the fanfest experience was perfect. >> i love the giants. i don't know what else to say. i leave it, breathe it, eat it. >> tim lincecum, buster posey, i want to meet them all. >> lisa: for four hours, fans to get face toy face with their
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favorite plays, like tim lincecum. >> people on the streets, if you're not in the stadium, i apologize, but we're going to talk loud. >> it's a special day, fanfest day, and that's what we trying to do, with our heart. >> lisa: giants reps told me every fan who was outside was eventually allowed in. as a result the fanfest went a little long but only by about 30 minutes. >> alan: we have some developing news on the peninsula. highway 1 is shut done in one direction after a car drove off a cliff. the accident happened before 3:00 this afternoon. about a mile north of pesca dare row state peach. the car plunged 60-50 feet down the cliff. a person was ejected, lang 250 feet below. that person was airlifted to the hospital, still alive.
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the victim's condition is unknown. crews are in the process of towing the car back up to roadway. in egypt, leading members of hosni mubarak's government resigned today. but protesters are still vowing to fight on. dissidents took their case to the streets for a 12th 12th strategy day. the violence ended in the square. but protesters renewed their demand for change. mubarak's son resigned, ensuring he will not succeed his father. secretary of state clinton said it's not sustain able. >> we want to help our partners usher in a better future where people's voices are head, their rights respected, and their as separations met. >> alan: music number wants to stay in office until an election can be held but demonstrators are still demanding he go now
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rather than wait for elections in september. >> in the u.s., support for the antigovernment protesters continuing to swell. at least 1,000 people showed their support for the people of both egypt and tunisia today, in san francisco. john alston is back from the demonstration. >> reporter: for the second week weekend in a row, san francisco was the site of an antimubarak march. they were calling on the egyp schapp president to step down. the idea was to show solidarity with the protesters in egypt, who are battling with government forces. among those in the crowd here was cousin of a missing protester. the google marketing executive who became the symbolic voice of the opposition after egyptian force grabbed him on january 27th. >> this was the last time he called his aunt, and he told
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her, don't worry about me, i'm going to be fine, but maybe i'm going to be for a while. >> he's still alive? >> we don't know. we don't know. his family gets phone calls during the night, and we talked to him. >> i hope the mubarak regime understand they cannot keep leading the people the way they used to. they have to listen to the people. and it's well known the egyptians can be so patient, but once they believe in something, nobody can stop them. >> alan: protesters in san francisco say they're also sending a message to president obama that the u.s. has to find a way for mubarak to give up power. this is one of several similar protests nationwide. 150 people gathered outside the federal building in new orleans. other demonstrators are spending the night in lafayette square across from the white house in washington, dc. >> alan: a note on the media coverage of this.
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cnn anchor anderson cooper says he is leaving egypt. he wrote on twitter, it is with a heavy heart i am leaving egypt. it was a hard decision to leave. cooper was attacked twice by pro mubarak forces this week. on tuesday he was punched in the head repeatedly, and on wednesday the window of his car was hit bay -- by a rofnlgt christian amanpour was also attacked. she has a special airing here on cbs -- abc-7. >> a lawyer representing three uc berkeley grads accused of spying in iran is ready for the trial, but is unsure if sayre are shourd will be here there. shourd was released on bail in
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september and has returned to the yesterday. she was ordered to return to eye iran to stand trial. if she doesn't return she could be tried in absent ya. all three were hiking in northern iraq in 2009 when they were arrested on suspicion of illegally crossing the border into iran. back home, residents held a peace march today through south san francisco's troubled old town. >> in south san francisco. >> alan: south city police chief joined 200 other marchers. they walked to the site of a december 22nd shooting that left three young men dead and three juveniles wounded. the city council approved spending $400,000 to hire four new officers and launched plans to improve conditions in old town. >> the city was rocked by these killings, and we mourn along with the families and this
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neighborhood. we are embarking on what i believe is going to be a long-term effort to create a safer neighborhood, and improve the quality of life. >> alan: organizers of the day of healing event are pushing for a community center and mentoring programs for young people. zit state regular hatters released a series of audits of pg&e gas operations that have no indication of problems that might have led to the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. the documents cover from 2004 to last year, and they deal with the area from san francisco to hollister. the audit did fault pg&e for a variety of mistakes from gas leaks to poor welding procedures, but no problems specific to san bruno. they show in some cases state auditors failed to check on some operations because of a lack of resources. well, there's been another legal blow to oakland's plan to
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license and tax large scale pot farms. the city attorney told the city counciles he is withdrawing his legal advice and they need to hire their own attorney for pot issues. in a letter september -- sent to the council and mayor, he agreed to turn in all the related files his office has amassed. the city council agreed to revise its proposal after lawful officials warned it could be illegal and invite state and federal prosecution. changes would limit the size of farms and require each one operate its own on-site dispensary. >> facebook appears to be on the verge of a huge announcement. the sprawling cam -- campus that could become their new home. california governor salutes a former president.
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>> alan: palo alto based facebook may be moving up the peninsula. the company has scheduled other news conference tuesday at menlo park city hall. the company may be prepared to move sunny sprawling campus once occupied by sun microsystems. the site has been vacant since ore cal bought sun last year. >> general motors me a add more dealerships in the bay area to handle an expected boost in sales. gm has been losing dealers on the east and west coasts of the u.s. for 20 years because of slow sales and poor products, but new models like the cruise compact are selling well in california, and gm expects sales to rise as the economy recovers twosm years ago gm had to shed more than 2,000 dealerships across the u.s. when it went through bankruptcy protection. the wall street journal is reporting u.s. leg laters will propose that big financial firms hold on to at least half of the bonuses paid to top executives for at least three years. this from the federal deposit
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insurance corporation which protects consumers from bank losses. regulators are expected to vote monday to approve a draft rule which would affect the nation's largest firms like bank of america, jp morgan, chase, and goldman sachs. the firms have to review the results of trades or other business decision tied to an employees bonus pay. coming up, it was warm winter day around the bay area. lots of record temperatures shattered. we'll see if the rest of the weekend looks like the next. >> mike: on the eve of super bowl xlv, seven new members in the pro football hall of fame. one player played for
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>> alan: parts of the country are experiencing some cold weather, especially out there in the south. we set record highs here in the bay area. this is tonight's sunset you're looking at. the perfect ending to a beautiful warm winter day. frances dinglasan is here. the groundhog predicted an early spring but this early? >> frances: it's better than
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summer this is very nice. warm weather. let me show you a live shot first from mount tam, looks south toward san francisco and the bay bridge. it will be breezy in the hills but another warm day tomorrow. we broke records in 13 cities, possibly more, and i wanted to share some. in santa rosa, the high was 80. 80, for the beginning of february. beating a record from 2001. normally santa rosa is in the low 60s and the bay, we're in the upper 50s. san francisco, the high was 73, beating the record set in 1917, and in livermore we beat a record set in 1917. we're going to beat more record tomorrow as well. here's a look at temperatures right now. still hanging on into the 70s in some locations. in fact, san rafael, still 77. the cool spot is half hoop bay
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at -- half moon bay, and we're a good double digit degrees warmer in many locations compared to yesterday at this time. novato, napa, 13 degrees warmer. antioch, 15 degrees warmer. so we can expect very similar conditions tomorrow. look out for the windy conditions, especially in the hills and upper elevations, and it's going to be dry all week long. the north bay mountains and the santa cruz mountains, the national weather service issued wind advisories. northerly winds at 25-35 miles-per-hour, and that's going to continue until 10:00 tomorrow morning. gusts reaching up to 45-miles-an-hour. here's the setup. the satellite image. this area of high pressure. the air circulates clockwise, giving us this gradient, the downsloping wind, and that gives us the warmer conditions. we're going to have breezy
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conditions overnight, and we don't see the cool air settling in the valley so a lot of 50s around the bay. 55 in san francisco, and upper 40s in napa, vallejo, antioch, livermore, 43. for tomorrow, bumped up the temperatures a little more because it's going to be a warm day. mid-70s in the south bay. low 70s along the peninsula. 70s a in san francisco, possibly an 80-degree temperature in santa rosa, breaking another record again. more mid-to-upper 70s in the east bay and interior valleys, where temperatures are getting up to 76. 77 in concord. mid-7s so. more -- morgan hill. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. warm temperatures tomorrow. more record will be beat, i'm sure. the sea breeze returns on monday, and then you'll notice a cooling but day -- dry through
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saturday. >> alan: aim going out to play. for the 25th straight year, shu has not been inducted into the hall of fame. i. >> mike: hank tore -- thanks for keeping hope align. deion sanders is a first ballot inductee. he won two super bowls, one in 1949 when he was the defensive player of the year. he was a triple out there. time time was known more for his mouth than his skills times, and has turned it into a career with the nfl network. bears super bowl mvp richard dent, shannon sharp, and lions linebacker ricket richter. congratulations to all. >> the good thing.being a world
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champion is the feeling never goes away. today was evident at the giants fanfest at at&t park. >> go giants. world champs. >> mike: 40,000 fans showed up. what a beautiful day, as frances said. fans got a chance to take pictures with the trophy, get autographs, rub shoulders with their favorite players. >> the atmosphere is perfect, celebrating together, fans and players. >> it's excite, getting the fans back. our first time really being with them since the parade. it happened to quick, and to be able to see the excitement they have, and we're so excited. so this is good. it's fun. >> mike: in professional sports, it's rare when an athlete spends his entire career with one team. joe thornton started by boston and his first time back at beantown since being traded. first period, sharks on the power play.
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couturewaveing through traffic; 1-0 sharks. in the third, still 1 or. bruins looking to equalize. anti niemi. now under a minute to play. niemi, the save. one of his 26 on the day. a few second left. set -- set gucci seals the win. >> let's switch gears. college hoops. stanford hosting arizona state, trying to keep above .500. green strokes the triple from deep. smoothed -- snooped let standford led by two. then felix through the lane and the flush. arizona state within five. but stanford holds on. the two and the foul. career high 17. stanford improves to 5-6 in
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pac-10 play with the voyage today, third ranked stanford women remain undefeated in pac-10 play, and the cal women lose a close one in arizona state, 45-44. >> the pga tour in phoenix, where frost -- that's right -- frost delayed the first two rounds. start on the party hole, the par-3 16th, the rowdiest fans in golf. jarred lyle bringing the house down. 150-yard right on line and right into the cup for the hole-in-one. the first ace on 16 in nine years. former sun devil mickelson on 16. his tee shot well right. crowd letting him have it. but phil can quiet his critics in a hurry. 32 footer for birdie. he is 10-under. four off the lead.
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mark wilson one back, and rickie fowler, a 9-under 6 2:00 also four back. >> warriors, college hoops, and my super bowl pick tonight at 11:00. >> alan: up next, california celebrates what would have been former president reagan's 100th birthday.
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>> alan: aban don't which i would woulds are being featured at an adoption event this weekend. they were featured in taco bell commercials them peninsula humane society is trying to reach more people that will adopt the dogs with its mobile shelter program. the which i would chihuahua makes up three-quarters of the population at the humane society. >> tomorrow would have been president ronald reagan's 100 birthday. governor jerry brown declared february 6th ronald reagan centennial day in california.
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former vice-president dick cheney will speak at a celebration this evening at the reagan ranch in santa barbara. the conservative young america foundation is sponsoring the event. it was founded to promote conservative ideas on college campuses and bought reagan's former ranchin' 1998. that's it for this edition of abc-7 news. thanks for joining us. see you tonight at 11:00. good night. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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